• Episode 1: Jolly Rodger: One day an alien experiment named, Pickles (due to his appearance) sneaks into Stan's car on the way home. When Stan realizes it was their he decides to keep it. Rodger becomes jealous because of all the attention given and becomes depressed. Steve tells Rodger, "So his way cooler than you, just lighten up". In a strange turn of events, Rodger becomes a ship enthusiast and decides to sail away on a replica ship to find a new family who appreciates him. He becomes a castaway on an island that has become a bio hazardous waste dump.
  • Episode 2: Stan By Me: Stan gets demoted so he rents out a room to two young borders who make money by secretly filming Stan and Francine's sexual adventures. Stan comes across a cd and the Stan, Francine is having sex with says something completely out of character and the real Stan can't remember it at all. At work Stan discovers a shocking secret, robotic duplicates of himself.
  • Episode 3: Science Fiction Story: A scientist at the CIA becomes good friends with Stan so he invites the Smiths to his house for dinner but while they are there Stan discovers he is dating a robot. When Stan's stupidity destroys the machine, the robots real robotic husband plots revenge and the scientists wife and Francine become sex symbols in Langley Falls.
  • Episode 5: Stan In The Way: Steve's unusual behavior intrigues Stan so he follows him to school and finds him talking to the school psychologist. Stan says that he doesn't need help because he can help him but Steve is hesitant to inform Stan on his issues. A bitchy girl from his class is making puberty hell for Steve and Stan want's to put a stop to it but accidentally arranges for her family to come over for dinner.