Daniel Razorblade "Danny" Fischer is the 15 year old son of Hayley and Jeff Fischer and the younger brother of Ryan Fischer .

Known FamilyEdit

  • Jeff and Hayley Fischer (parents)
  • Ryan Fischer (older brother)
  • Steve Smith (maternal uncle)
  • Stan and Francine Smith (maternal grandparents)
  • Nemo (Older Brother)
  • Alice N Chains (girlfriend)
  • Henry and Jackie Fischer (paternal grandparents)
  • Hercules,Roger Smith (Maternal great grandfathers)
  • Grandpa and Grandma Fischer (Paternal great grandparents)
  • Jack and Betty smith (maternal great grandparents)
  • Bah Bah and Ma ma Ling (maternal great grandparents)
  • Great grandpa smith (maternal great great grandfather)
  • Great great grandpa Smith (Maternal great great grandfather)
  • Rusty Smith, Nick Smith (Maternal Great uncles)


  • unlike his parents, who are hippies, Danny is a goth.