Plot: The episode starts out with Steve in the living room watching TV. Stan comes on in the room he turns off the TV and says Steve's need to go out and get a girlfriend one that's pretty, and not fat. Stan drive's him to the mall gives Steve money. Steve uses some of the money to buy ice cream. he meets a girl named Bailey she try's to talk to him at school but he always run's away because he thinks she might punch him. They both order the same kind of ice cream, and have fun at the mall. They come back to Steve's house and Stan's surprised that Steve got a girl that hot and everybody crowd's around Steve and Bailey. When Francine calls out its game night everyone ignores her,so Francine gets furious,and decides to live the rest of her life as a hooker at the Cigar Bar. When the family finally notices that it was game night,and Francine's not there they ask Klaus where she went. When they arrive at the Bar they see Francine smoking,and a guy is about to give her 40 bucks dollars, but Stan punches him, and says shes not that cheap.