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Season Episode Season Premiere Season Finale DVD Release
1 20 July 12, 2013 TBA 2014
2 11 Spring 2014 TBA 2014
3 13  Summer 2014 TBA 2014
4 60 Winter 2014 TBA TBA

Francine Show is an American Sitcom created by Kristoff105. Francine Show is related to American Dad! because Francine Smith stars it. Season 1 was supposed to have 11 Episodes, but Kristoff105 Renewed It for a Total of 20 Episodes. On July 20, 2013 Votes went to 700%, then to 902%. Francine Show was Renewed for a Second Season with 11 Episode. On the Third Season Kristoff105 ordered 13 Episodes to Split the Episodes For Less than 50 Episodes Then Votes went so high, Kristoff Ordered a Fourth and Final season consisting 60 Episodes, Kristoff105 (or Kristoff101) Said that  this  will be the only season with high Episodes. On August 21, 2013, Kristoff105 Renewed Francine Show for Specials, Their will be 25 Specials.

Specials: TBAEdit