Steve Smith
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Steven Anita Smith






Langley Falls, Virginia




Collage Student

Family Members
Akiko Yoshida (fiancee)
Steve Smith II (son)
Evangeline Victoria Smith (daughter)
Stan Smith (Father)
Francine Smith (Mother)
Hayley Smith (Sister)
Bah Bah Ling (Maternal Grandfather)
Ma Ma Ling (Maternal Grandmother)
Jack Smith (Paternal Grandfather)
Betty Smith (Paternal Grandmother)
Hercules (Paternal Step-Grandfather)
Jeff Fischer (Brother-In-Law)
Omar William Stan Smith (Older brother)
Sarah Smith (step-sister)
Bill (Stan's double) (Double)
Voice Actor

Seth MacFarlane

Steven Anita Steve Smith (born May 13, 1991) is the son of Francine and Stan Smith. Steve has an older sister Hayley. They reside at 1024 Cherry Street, Langley Falls, Virginia. The family also have a fish named Klaus and an alien named Roger.


Steve is an awkward 15 year old boy. He is a bit of a social outcast, but has three close friends. Steve and his friends spend a lot of time playing Dungeons and Dragons and pretending to be the characters from Star Trek. Steve is currently a student at Pearl Bailey High School.

Although Steve celebrated his 15th birthday in "Virtual In-Stanity", 2006 Stan would later berate him as a 14 year old playing with toys in "Toy Whorey".

He has only recently entered puberty which he is very proud of, and is always trying to lose his virginity or have a girlfriend. He is slightly overweight, as "There Will Be Bad Blood" reveals he has a slight gut and love handles.

Steve's initials are SAS, as said in the episode "Man in the Moonbounce". It was revealed in the "Gorillas in the Mist" that Steve's middle name is Anita.