Warning: Some Adult humor

"Finally, The Ultimate plan to Kill Lois and take over the World" said Stewie as he was Tucking The Plans Under his Crib "Soon it will all be mine he wisperd to himself"

"Stewie." Said Lois "Are you ready to go the Park?"

"Coming mommy," replied Stewie as he walked down stairs.

"Why you seem cheerful" said lois

"You wont be cheerfull in 3 hours from now." murmured Stewie

Meanwhile over at Langly Falls ...

"Wow!" said Haley "Rodger hasn't been up yet and it is alredy 10 o'clock."

"He is probrobly still having that hangover from last night," said Francine as she was washing the dishes. "I think I saw him with a couple beers and then he just ran up stairs screaming, 'MY PECAN SANDIES!'"

"Well anyway Me and Jeff are going out so bye"

"Bye Mrs S," Jeff said as Haley and himself walked out the front door.

"Well." said Francine "Oh, Stan forgot his dad phone. I guess I'm going to have to drive it over to him." So she got into the car and drove away.

Meanwhile at Quahog ...

"Oh, Crap!" said Meg as she ran down stairs as she woke Peter up "I'm going to be late for are Feild trip to the CIA. Damn it! Damn it!"

"What, What is happening?" asked Peter

"Dad I know this is short notice but can you drive me to the CIA. Please! It's ten and I missed the bus!"

"Okay Meg, Better then going to work," replied Peter, "Last night I got a little drunk on my bosses desk, I hope DNA isn't in poop."

END of Part 2 How will they all meet up and were is Brian and Steve and Chris going to fit into all of this yeah I didn't mention Klause he's a fish so what

Part 3

"Okay Stewie get out of the car" Lois said as she was getting out of the car

"Hi" Lois it was Joe "Have you seen Peter any where Me a quagmire were sopoused to meet him at the Druken clam over an hour ago"

"Sorry Joe" replied Lois "Im afraid I dont know were he is" "Have you seen your daddy stewie" "Stewie" "Where is stewie said lois he was just out of the car and poof he is gone"

"Dont worry" said Joe "Ill help you look I mean hes a baby how far chould he av gone"

Meanwile in some other part of Quahog..........

"Yes I finnaly ditched lois he said running into an ally Now To procced with Phase one" Stewie went to the nearest trash can and pulled out a Glock that he hid there a day before loaded it and took out a megaphone and started shouting" Mum Mum Mommy Lois" repedidly

Meanwhile were Lois and joe were.....

"Hey I think I hear stewie" said lois

"Hey me too" replied Joe "I think it was near the ally come on Joe rounded the cornor but lois heard a gun shot and looked and saw Joe Dead with stewie holding the gun." Stewie thinking "Crap I only brought one bullet for the Glock well I just cant have lois no that" Stewie talking "Lois hands in the air" "stewie whats going on"

"Ill tell you whats going on your going to take me home and if I see any cops follwoing us your going to get it"said stewie as he was stuffing the dead joe into the trash can

"But stewie I"

"Dont make me pull this triger" "Now pick me up like you always do go to the car and move your Ass"

Lois did as she instructed and they got home

"Stewie what are you doing Im your mother"

"Yea a mother thats good for nothing exept for breast milk Now call Brian in hear"

"Ummm brian" said Lois can you come in hear

"Sure lois" Brian responded "What the" He screamed "Stewie what the hell are you doing" "shut up and tie lois up" Stewie Said End of Part 3

Meanwhile were Jeff and Haley were

"Jeff I think were lost weve been driving for an awfuly long time"

"No worriers Babe" Jeff responded "Im pretty sure the resturant is around hear some where"

"Well theres a sign comming up" said haley "Can you roll the window down im going to have a look" " The town of Quahog "Jeff I knew you werent going the right way."

"Sorry Babe." "But mabey there are some good resturants hear that we can eat at"

"Okay." said "Haley just drive and will see whats hear"

End of Part 4

"Ow Brian" Lois said "Not to tight."

"Sorry Lois" Brian said as he was finishing his final knot

"Move Your Ass Dog." stewie said

"Oh Shut the Hell Up" Brian Responded "Your rope isnt exactly quality matairl you know"

"Just Shut up and tie"

Part5 of Part 1