Second episode of American_Dad_Fan_series(josh_davis)  

Plot Edit

Stan was caught rigging the world series like the cia does every year by roger,stan left his computer running on the site Roger started Rigging the games. Roger started placing bets on him and he even saw there were Rigging on all other sports he saw opportunity for money and called steve in at the end of the episode stan caught Roger in the act and not steve. 

Sub-plot- Haley,Reggie Edit

since jeff couldn't return Haley started dating around again, Reggie came by the house saying he was hanging around the house after a mission in cuba, Haley then started talking to Reggie about her bad luck with the last 3 guys she dated, Reggie suggested they go out she invited her to go to a my morning jacket concert.

Sub plot 2 -Steve Edit

Steve didn't want anything to do with Roger's gambling, Steve started work at the Cia as Bullock's assistant he started working running files around the office to the agents and saw that debbie was the other intern. Steve tried running his assignments around debbie's, by the end of the episode steve and debbie got back together.